Best of the Web for April 1 |

Best of the Web for April 1

Not a bad deal

Winter Park isn’t too bad to drive to for skiing, at least. Personlly, I would have rather had Buddy Passes, but hey, this is better than what we already had, at least. It may also increase out Front Range business in Steamboat to keep those sales tax revenues coming in. Maybe Buddy Passes are in the future!


Insurance or pass?

The reality is this: If locals were the only people that purchased season passes, season passes would cost less.

I haven’t been on the mountain at all this year. Why? I had to choose. Health insurance and paying rent for my wife and I – a.k.a. making a living – or working two or three jobs that pay less than $10 per hour each and getting a season pass through one of those jobs and not getting any health coverage for when, not if, I get hurt on that mountain.

It has been said before, so I’ll say it too: Within 10 years, Steamboat won’t have any locals. We’ll be another Vail and Aspen.

I’m just glad I won’t be here to see it.


The road to housing

Work real hard, save your money and buy a condo, build equity and work your way toward being able to buy a house. It can, and, has been done.

If deed restricted affordable homes are such a great idea, why are the ones near Stagecoach so difficult to sell? Back to my point which is that deed restricted property is a bad investment.


Wrong thinking

(Dustin Buccino’s letter to the editor on blocking Wikipedia) is very well written. I can understand the need to block sites that may carry inappropriate content (such as pornography) on the computers in the high school Library, and I assume (but I could very well be wrong) that the high school has appropriate content blockers and filters in place so the inappropriate content is blocked. Outside of inappropriate content, to block a site because it can be plagiarized seems to be insanity. Following that line of thinking, the entire library needs to be closed down since any of the material in it could be copied directly.


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