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Best of the Web: Economy

■ Did he really say 5-7 years before construction returns to 2007/2008 levels? Maybe 5-7 years before it returns to a more normal level of like 2003 to 2005. 2007/08 was such a crazy boom that those levels would not be sustainable without a far larger population base. We had huge demographic trends filling the sails of the ’70s and 2000s booms (young baby boomers seeking resort lifestyle and retiring boomers seeking resort lifestyle) and I do not see another powerful demographic trend to push us into a future boom. … We are the sort of place where a highly paid person (say $500K a year) buys a mansion and calls it home while 10 locals averaging $40K a year lose their jobs and an economist would cite the economic development of an additional $100K of income to the valley. Look at the 10% reduction in the number of jobs and then try to say that we fared better than the rest of the state. Rio Blanco got creamed, and thank God we did not get hit that bad. But figuring in the jobs lost number, we got hit far closer to average statewide numbers than we would probably like to believe.

— Scott_Wedel

■ The extended unemployment is huge factor in the valley. I know of at least a dozen people who have been collecting for 8+ months, not sure they are even looking for a job as unemployment pays better than most jobs in the paper.

— housepoor

■ I truly appreciate what Scott Ford contributes with his study of the numbers out there. I also love it that he is an eternal optimist. The summation of the industry sectors is helpful info, but I agree the real estate/construction forecast is pie in the sky.

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2010 equals 2006?

Michael Hurley, a realtor arguing against local housing regs in 2008, noted that “anyone could make a project go in 2006-2007.” And he was probably right. That sure doesn’t sound like the 2010 that I’m living in.

I won’t suggest the Pilot needs to print pessimism, but in my opinion this paper’s eternal optimism for real estate demand has already proven itself as counterproductive counsel for this community.

— lewi


■ I think too many people post behind the veil of anonymity feeling free to spew bile without any sense of accountability for the veracity or even decency of their statements. The concept of protecting a ‘whistle blower’, to me, is a red herring. There are tons of outlets these days for exposing ‘truths’. Perhaps I am a bit old fashioned but I believe when we choose to throw it out there for public consumption we should have the guts to take ownership of it.

— ClayOgden

■ What’s wrong with a little name calling?

For me I’d rather not have the nastiness sterilized. I’m better off knowing what opinions are out there than acting like they don’t exist.

By sterilizing our forum we actually drive opinions and movements underground that I think we’d like to keep an eye on.

— 1999

■ If identity was required AND it cleaned up some of the dialogue I wouldn’t necessarily be more likely to respond, but much more likely to READ through all the comments. I don’t always like to spout my opinion (anonymous or not) but I do like to read about 2 sides of a debate and become better informed. For instance the 700 discussions really helped me clear out the facts and decide my vote (if I lived in the city anyway). However, lately I’ve given up trying to read the comments. They are so negative and filled with “wing nut” illogical opinions it’s like watching my kids argue. I would support a decision to require identity.

— Krista Monger

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