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Best of the Web: Core trail expansion

— That is great news; it is good to hear positive news for a change. 3,200 feet or 0.61 mile is a nice start. However, it would be great to have a much longer bike trail. Glenwood Springs has one that runs 40+ miles to Aspen. The city of Leadville has the mineral belt trail that is over 14 miles long and circles the town. And down at the beach in Newport they have a bike trail that runs almost 50 miles along the Santa Ana River to Corona. So we could do better.

– canyonwind

Embezzlement case

I have to agree with the logic of restitution first in this case. That’s a lot of money to do without when you’re trying to run a business.

There’s a lot of embezzlement and diversion of funds to unlawful purposes around here. I’m encouraged to see these prosecutions, even if the people being prosecuted only have to pay back what they’ve taken.

A felony conviction is going to carry its own penalties in the years to come. I’d rather be made whole by restitution than see the perpetrator in jail and not have the money back.

I also appreciate Judge Hill’s remarks. She’s right. If more people were punished around here, there might be less crime.

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– aichempty

Helmets the right choice

Helmets are a good step. Getting drunks off the slopes by stopping the sale of alcohol (or at least not promoting Jaeger shots at 4-Points) would make it a lot safer out there.

– Magpie

Ski helmet rules

Why not require all instructors, while teaching, to wear a helmet? Know it would (be) tough on some, but it would certainly set an example.

– jhr2000

Council election

Only the unopposed City Council member states his unwavering support for Steamboat 700. Each of the reasons given by other candidates for opposing it must be addressed, preferably by a public vote. Please put this issue on the ballot.

– marthalee