Best of the Web: CMC building |

Best of the Web: CMC building

Probably some of the best news we've heard around here in awhile … awesome!

Keep up the good work CMC.

— greenwash

River flow

The melt may also be an effect of El Niño, too, since the spring weather was not typical, as well as the beetle kill.

I hope anyone reading this will be reminded that while it is fun for kids to frolic about the rocks by the library side, it's also pretty darn dangerous. One slip and they can fall in that cold, cold water and rush away with the very strong current. Our daughter is always sporting a (personal flotation device) when we are down there watching kayakers even though she knows to stay away from the water's edge — accidents happen! I see a lot of small kids (like under 4) charging about without wearing a PFD. Please reconsider that decision during the spring runoff.

— frankly

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Bear in house

■ Why subject the bear to cruelty, by pepper spraying it, when it could easily be captured and moved to a different side of the valley.

— beentheredonethat

■ Read closer … if they move the bear it will just come back. By making that home an unpleasant experience for the bear it will learn to stay away without harming the animal. With any luck it will associate humans with the pepper spray experience and stay away from human habitation in the future.

— trump_suit

■ Prepare yourselves for this.

My neighbor and I have used a potato gun on this bear twice. The second time was a full force shot in the rump, he went running for his life, he was back two hours later.

This bear will not be relocated, he will be disposed of by other means. We have not called the DOW to bother them because from our experience we know what the inevitable outcome will be.

Can't wait to hear the comments when he leaves us through no fault of his own.

— exduffer

Steamboat shooting

Good job to all the officers who responded quickly and for handling the situation properly. Thankfully no officers were hurt during the confrontation. I hope Ms. Cash pulls through and makes it.

— lame

Comment to McConnell

Hi Bob —

I have had the opportunity to chat with you on a couple of occasions. You are sincere in your desire to serve the folks from Colorado's 3rd Congressional District, and I respect that. However, if you have the good fortune to be elected — I am not too sure you are going to make much of a difference.

In reading your response to Stuart I come away with the feeling it will be just more of the frustrating "same" only now offered from a different polarized position. It seems to me that political parties and those running for political office are far more interested in accentuating the differences rather than agreeing on solutions.

I appreciate and understand you righteous indignation. We both know you are not going to get 100 percent your way on some issues that you value dearly and think would be good for this country. That is political reality. When this happens, and it will, are you going to blame the system and/or those that opposed you with now all too familiar rhetoric or will you compromise?

Speaking only for myself — I would welcome discussions that were "salted" with less rhetoric and more with pragmatism. I do not expect my elected representatives to be super heroes responsible for fixing everything. I do expect them to be diplomats representing Colorado committed to civility and skilled in the art of compromise.

— scottford