Best of the Web: Art Higbee’s death |

Best of the Web: Art Higbee’s death

Art Higbee’s death

■ I was there with Art when that Butcher Knife shot was taken. I remember Art going part way up the crack, stuck one hand in the crack and pressing his body out perfectly horizontal with the other and just said, “That’s how you do a hand jam.”

I was lucky enough to spend some time with him during my first few years in Steamboat, and I believe that time had lasting effects on how I approach skiing, climbing, and philosophy of life.

Art was a legend. … RIP

— insbsdeep

■ Art was so intelligent and passionate that I think he appeared eccentric to some people … until they got to know him and realized he had their best interests in mind. Thankfully, Art took the time to teach us CMC racers many life lessons outside of ski racing too.

Notice how “The Great Hig” would climb in regular gym shoes. I just wish I took a lot more photos of him during of our climbs in Butcher Knife.

Mr. Reichenberger:

Your research and writing skills are a credit to your profession. Thank you for taking the time to honor such a giving man with this excellently written article!

Greg K.

— geavis

Moose transport

■ I first heard about the dropped moose from some elementary school kids in Walden, who were pretty upset. I agree — this is a pretty appalling and brutal way to “manage” the moose population, especially when the whole point is to provide a game species. Shame on the DOW and their … “mugger” team.

— elphaba

■ The Colorado Division of Wildlife does everything possible to avoid the kind of mortality that you describe as “appalling.” Unfortunately, accidents can happen any time we as people have to physically handle wild animals. We carefully weigh the risks, and we are constantly adjusting our transplant protocols to minimize these incidents. Keep in mind that without these kinds of transplant operations, Colorado would have no moose population. The animals have been successfully reintroduced to numerous areas in Colorado thanks to the financial support of sportsmen and the hard work of wildlife managers. We, too, are saddened by the death of the moose during the transplant, but all Coloradans and our children will benefit by getting to see and enjoy the new moose populations that come from this work.

Randy Hampton, Spokesman, Colorado Division of Wildlife

— rahampto

Veterans ski Steamboat

■ Thanks for your service to your country; we appreciate you guys for it.

Enjoy the tour de ski.

— seeuski

■ On behalf of veterans everywhere, welcome home and welcome to Steamboat, men. Your country owes you a debt of gratitude that would be impossible to fully repay. The sacrifice that guys like you make for each other and for us back here at home are mostly beyond words. Enjoy your time here in the Boat.

— mmjpatient22

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