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Best of the Web: Affordable housing

Affordable housing

■ I'm not sure I understand. … If you can't afford to live here, why not move to where you can afford? What's wrong with Hayden, Craig, Oak Creek, Stagecoach? I work a couple jobs and managed to buy in Steamboat without city, state or federal assistance. I say build a big apartment complex on a portion of city-owned or privately held land and call it good. Enough of the subsidies already.

— greenwash

■ Agreed, living in Steamboat is a choice, not a right. If you cannot afford to live here, then choose to live somewhere you can — no one owes you anything.

— Tubes

■ Affordable housing isn't about handouts — it's about keeping a competitive community that has housing that its work force can afford. It's a matter of your co-worker being able to be your neighbor, about keeping quality professionals in town like nurses, managers, teachers, city employees etc. … It's about keeping the people who make the town special in town after they get off of work. It's about keeping Steamboat Springs a real working town as opposed to only a resort town.

— danny

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■ This thread begins with views against those people "who want a handout." The fact is the policy you rail against didn't come from the recipients of affordable housing. That policy came from your neighbors at the original and then the updates of our area plans. Show up next time and tell your neighbors they are wrong. If they agree, you won't have to "whine" anymore yourselves.

"Commuting is the answer." Not long term. Scott Myller on council understands as he noted friends on Oak Creek who spent $800 in a month of commuting. Gas will bite Steamboat's commuters again and again.

"Pay higher wages." Well, maybe if we stop the use of green cards.

Every time one of you use the term "social engineering" you like to think of some subversive group downtown. Reality is you insist on ignoring what's in fairly bold print and endorsed by both the city and the county as the way we plan to grow.

— lewi

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