Best of the Boat youth sports coach: Trevor Mekelburg |

Best of the Boat youth sports coach: Trevor Mekelburg

Trevor Mekelburg was voted Best Youth Sports Coach.

Trevor Mekelburg didn’t set out to be the town’s best coach; he wasn’t focused on padding his resume or making a name for himself.

“I knew I wanted to make Steamboat home,” Mekelburg said. “I never thought I’d get as involved in the community here as I have.”

Mekelburg wanted to move to Steamboat since he was a child and is thrilled that he has found a place coaching young adults skateboarding at Sk8 Church and the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club since arriving from Fort Collins in 2013.

He was hired by SSWSC as head skateboarding coach last summer, and this winter he will expand his role to the sport of snowboarding after being hired as the head of the club’s Boardriderz program. He also teaches the skateboard unit at Soda Creek and Strawberry Park elementary schools.

“Growing up in the skateboarding culture, I learned to do a lot at the skatepark, both good and bad,” Mekelburg said. “This little wooden toy has shaped my life more than anything, and it’s allowed me to do some really positive things in this community. “

Best Youth Sports Coach

• Winner: Trevor Mekelburg

• Runners-up: Lisa Renee Tumminello and Erin Early

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