Best of the Boat pet groomer: Powder Hounds Grooming Salon |

Best of the Boat pet groomer: Powder Hounds Grooming Salon

Best Pet Groomer: Powder Hounds Grooming Salon

Powder Hounds specializes in the fluffy. No, not a powder day on the mountain, but the four-legged fluff.

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Powder Hounds Grooming Salon is a full-service pet salon serving Steamboat's dogs and cats. Owner and head groomer Lindsey Barr Cejer opened the shop four years ago and said her philosophy is to make grooming a comfortable and even fun experience for pets.

"All of the groomers here care a lot about the dogs," she said. "We try to treat every dog that comes in here like one of our own."

She adds that the best part of the job is watching pet owner's relationships with their animals grow. 

"My favorite thing is getting to hear the stories about how the pets have changed these people’s lives," she said, adding she's grateful to live in a community that so clearly loves its pets. "We wouldn't exist without this community."

Best Pet Groomer 

• Winner: Powder Hounds Grooming Salon

• Runners-up: Steamboat Dog Grooming Spa and Doggy Style Mobile Pet Grooming

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