Best of the Boat mustache: Rob Peterson |

Best of the Boat mustache: Rob Peterson

Rob Peterson wins Best Mustache. (Photo by Matt Stensland)

When it comes to mustaches, mountain towns are pretty accepting. Steamboat is no exception, with voters flocking in droves to vote for town’s best facial follicles.

In the end, with a drooping Fu Manchu hanging an inch below his chin, Rob Peterson of Big Agnes won the category handlebars down, besting Kit Callahan and Matt Richeda.

“I’ve been rocking this style for over 10 years,” Peterson said. “This particular one starts in early spring because I rock a different style in the wintertime.”

As for the panache of his ‘stache, he said it just fits his overall steeze.

“I’ve always loved the handlebar/Fu Manchu style because it means business,” he said. “And most of the ladies have always loved it.”

While stray strands might occasionally stick to his phone at work, fellow employees are quick to heap praise on his hairpiece.

“It’s a true work of art,” Honey Stinger sales manager Nate Bird said. “It’s more majestic and magical than the mane of Pegasus.”

Best Mustache

• Winner: Rob Peterson

• Runners-up: Kit Callahan and Matt Richeda

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