Best of the Boat: Doug Labor is top real estate agent |

Best of the Boat: Doug Labor is top real estate agent

Teresa Ristow

1. Doug Labor (Buyer's Resource)

To describe Doug Labor's dedication to his clients, consider a recent camping trip the broker of 30 years took to an area north of Steamboat Lake. Partway through the trip, a client Labor was representing called saying he wanted to make an offer on a house. Rather than keeping his business and leisure time apart, Labor drove miles away from his campsite near the Wyoming border, searching for Internet reception, until he was finally able to place the offer.

"I truly care for my clients, and I take my job very seriously," Labor says.

Once a seller's representative, Labor spent years working in the ski industry and selling properties on behalf of resorts. In 2000, he shifted his career focus entirely, deciding to exclusively represent buyers, which he's done for the past 14 years.

Working through several ups and downs in the real estate market throughout the past three decades, Labor brings a level of experience few brokers have. "I have a good, broad knowledge of the business," he says. "I've experienced a lot."

As a buyer's representative, Labor uses his knowledge to spot flaws in homes that clients might not notice. "I know what to look at when people are interested in buying. I use my trained eye to see flaws. I'm personable, hardworking and someone they can trust to give my honest opinion about a property."

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Clients also like that Labor is able to follow through on promises large and small. "I've had numerous clients say they started working with another broker and they wouldn't follow through," says Labor. "From simply getting them information as promised in a certain time or even responding to a phone call or email, that's what I make sure to do."

2. Matt Eidt (Colorado Group Realty)

Matt Eidt says it's his youthful energy and willingness to try new things that set him apart from other real estate brokers.

"I get up in the morning and I'm excited about what I do," says Eidt, 31. "And I do things differently than a lot of other brokers."

Eidt uses new media by professionally photographing each of his homes, offering virtual property tours and being available to clients in many ways, such as text messages. "I'm trying a lot of new things," says Eidt, who joined Colorado Group Realty in 2012.

Eidt says that apart from big condo complex companies, he's showing more homes than any other broker across town.

"I do a lot of open houses, more than almost anybody," he says.

It may be Eidt's confidence that makes him a standout broker. "I'm new, fresh and full of energy," he says. "And I don't think anyone can market a property better than I can."

3. Charlie Dresen (Steamboat Sotheby's International Realty)

The days of blindly calling a real estate agent when you're ready to buy or sell a home are long over, according to tech-savvy Charlie Dresen, a broker with Steamboat Sotheby's International Realty. Now, the search for a new Routt County home starts on your laptop, late at night, from a place likely far outside Steamboat. With more than 50 percent of local property buyers residing outside Steamboat Springs city limits, having a comprehensive, user-friendly website full of engaging videos and connections to social media is essential, Dresen says.

"If you're selling your home in Steamboat and all you do is stick out a 'for sale' sign, you're missing the boat," Dresen says. "Social media in the last five years has exponentially exploded the amount of information out there."

The key to successful real estate now, he says, lies in connecting with buyers and sellers through your website before either party ever picks up the phone.

"By the time somebody calls me, they're already familiar with me and what I do," says Dresen, who was producing informative videos about the Steamboat area and detailed video home tours well before most others. "A lot of people are out there just searching, and they end up on my site. You just need to have a presence out there."

— Teresa Ristow

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