Best of the Boat dental office: Sunshine Dentistry |

Best of the Boat dental office: Sunshine Dentistry

Sunny Owens’ Sunshine Dentistry was named Best of the Boat. (Photo by John F. Russell)

At the core of Sunshine Dentistry’s practice is a friendly and dedicated team of professionals dedicated to patients’ comfort and oral health.

Owned by Dr. Sunny Owens, the service, which won this year’s Best Dental Office, views each patient uniquely, tailoring treatments to specific needs.

Stressing preventative care and education, it strives to provide dental health care, instead of disease care, with a focus on thorough exams as well as overall teeth and gum health.

Best Dental Office

• Winner: Sunshine Dentistry

• Runners-up: Pine Grove Dental Arts and Avant Garde Dental

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