Best of the Boat craft cocktail: Laundry’s Fiery Margarita |

Best of the Boat craft cocktail: Laundry’s Fiery Margarita

Laundry’s Fiery Margarita was voted Best Craft Cocktail. (courtesy photo)

When The Laundry's Tod "JJ" Johnson conceived the bar's drink list, the Fiery Margarita was the first.

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"It was invented at 3 a.m.," Johnson said.

The margarita is unique in its use of flavors. It includes a high-end Sauza tequila infused with red pepper, green pepper, garlic, jalapeno and one habanero for just the right kick. Add a cilantro/lemongrass simple syrup, fresh lime juice and a splash of fresh-squeezed orange juice and it's as good as libations get.

The drink became a hit instantly among regulars and has since become the restaurant's best selling cocktail.

"It just has an incredible balance of heat and sweetness," Johnson said.

Best Craft Cocktail

• Winner: Laundry’s Fiery Margarita

• Runners-up: Sunpie’s Bistro’s hurricane and Low Country Kitchen’s old fashioned

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