Best of the Boat cellular phone company: Go Wireless |

Best of the Boat cellular phone company: Go Wireless

Go Wireless wins Best Cellular Phone Company. (courtesy photo)

Founded in Southern California in 1995, and now with 750 stores across the country, GoWireless tops the list in this year’s contest as Best Cellular Phone Company.

The reason, said Kevin Pierce, who manages one of GoWireless’s two stores in Steamboat, is service.

“We’re all trained at the same level as a corporate Verizon employee,” he said. “We’re also one of Verizon’s six corporate partners, which means we get a lot more support and training.”

The stores can also offer great deals and promotions.

“We’re a lot more flexible,” Pierce said, also crediting Central Park Plaza store manager Timothy Miller and the stores’ hard-working staff. “Because of our partnership with Verizon, we’re able to offer quality products and services on the nation’s largest 4G LTE network and the largest, most reliable 3G network. We pride ourselves on our customer service.”

Best Cellular Phone Company

• Winner: Go Wireless

• Runners-up: Ensignal and Union Wireless


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