Best of the Boat bloody mary: Creekside Café |

Best of the Boat bloody mary: Creekside Café

Creekside Cafe is well known for its bloody marys. (courtesy photo)

Bloody marys are part of Creekside’s history — they were one of its first two alcoholic drinks.

“There are a lot of opinions on bloody marys,” bar manager Tim Meadows said. “People look for different tastes.”

Creekside offers several variations of its house concoction, including spicy, extra spicy, bacon, pepperoncini and the Desierto.

The best thing about theirs, Meadows adds, is they’re all rooted in the same mix, with different vodkas and flavors and sourced as locally as possible.

For those trying to make a knock-your-socks-off bloody at home, Meadows said tasting it along the way is key.

“Keep tasting so you don’t get too far off track,” he said. “You can’t take salt out.”

Best Bloody Mary

• Winner: Creekside Café

• Runners-up: Four Points Lodge and Rex’s American Grill & Bar

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