Best Hot Dog: Dairy Queen |

Best Hot Dog: Dairy Queen

The chili cheese dog at Dairy Queen was voted top dog in this yeaer's Best of the Boat competition.

Move over, Hungry Dog…there's a new schnitzel sheriff in town.

That's the findings, anyway, from this year's Best of the Boat poll, with Dairy Queen upsetting the five-time champ in the hotly contested hot dog category to become, well, the top dog in town.

"I think we're mostly known for our soft serve, but we'll take it," says store owner Stacy Schulz, who opened the operation in Central Park Plaza in 2011. "We don't have a large variety of hot dogs; just our regular and chili cheese dog. We're a franchise, so we don't have a lot of room to get too creative."

Turns out, that doesn't matter. Schulz says its chili cheese remains a top seller, as well as its Five Buck Lunch, which includes a chili cheese dog, chips, soda and sundae. On a big day, she adds, such as when the Triple Crown is in town, the store sells upwards of 50 chili cheeses a day.

As for unseating the reigning champ, she says every dog has its day. "I'm definitely surprised," she says. "It's great to know people love our hot dogs. But I'm also a Hungry Dog girl…they make a great dog over there as well."