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Best Fishing Outfitter: Bucking Rainbow Outfitters

Founders John and Jarett Duty of Bucking Rainbow Outfitters, the 2016 Best of the Boat in the outdoor outfitters category, take increasing satisfaction from the interest their entire family has in the business at 730 Lincoln Ave. in Steamboat Springs. Pictured, left to right, John and Cherie Duty with sons Johnny and Braden, and Jarett and wife, Leila, with daughter Avery and son Alan.

— It's all about family and healthy rivers at Bucking Rainbow outfitters, the 2016 Best of the Boat in the category of outdoor recreation.

The increasing involvement of three generations of the Duty family is a significant factor in the success of Bucking Rainbow based out of a red brick building at 730 Lincoln Avenue that's as solid as the business.

Brothers Jarett and John Duty have built a business founded on guided fishing trips and thrilling whitewater raft trips since 1994. And they're also proud to be one of the largest clothing retailers in Steamboat. With the classic Orvis brand behind them, they've assembled of portfolio of some of the best private trout waters in the region and perfected the model for one-day float trips on rivers like the Colorado and North Platte.

"I think it's the relationships we have with our customers, clients who turn into good friends over the years, that's most rewarding to John and I," Jarett says.

But it' also the support of Jarett's wife Leila and John's wife Cherie, combined with the eagerness of their parents John and Florence, and enthusiasm of the next generation, that inspired the bothers to spend as much time as they do in the store with its handsome floor of wood planking.

The thing that drives our business is the families," Jarettt says. "Our parents are often in the shop, the kids are old enough to walk here from school and they

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love to come by after school, have a milkshake at Jonny B's, then spend time in the store," Jarett says. "I don't think John and I would spend as much time in the store as we do if it weren't for that."

Thirteen-year-old cousins Johnny Duty and Alan Duty are already expert anglers who have scored saltwater grand slams off Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula. It goes without they saying they can recommend the hottest fly patterns of the week to customers. John's Son Braden and Jarett's daughter Avery are both becoming savvy to the retail business.

And the extended family is much bigger than that. The Duty brothers trust their senior guides to hire angling guides who are the right balance of "fishy" and "friendly," and whitewater guides who know how to entertain their guests while keeping them safe.