Ben Tiffany: ‘No’ for rec |

Ben Tiffany: ‘No’ for rec

Ben Tiffany

I feel it is time that I weigh in with my thoughts and opinions regarding the proposed recreation center that is being voted upon this November. I have tried to see “the big picture” and consider all points of view concerning this issue, and the inescapable conclusion is that the whole proposal is flawed and not in the best interests of the town.

The City Council essentially failed us when it chose the method of financing to be voted upon for the recreation center. Simply put, it is not fair to expect the residential and commercial property taxpayers to shoulder the burden for a center that many of us will never use. In fact, it is outrageous. With the across-the-board rise in property assessments throughout the county, the property taxpayers already are faced with an inevitable rise in taxes in the absence of anything new to be financed, but those who don’t own any real property are getting a free ride here, avoiding the need to pay for building, maintaining and operating the recreation center as proposed.

I realize that there are a number of people that have worked very hard to get a recreation center built, and they of course are the people who will benefit the most if the measures pass with the voters. I can’t say that I am opposed to the notion of a recreation center, but there needs to be a different method of paying for it so that all residents in the city are asked to share in it. I can’t support this proposal as it exists, and I urge voters to vote no on referendums 2B and 2C. We need to be fair to the taxpayers, and we can certainly do better than this.

Ben Tiffany

Steamboat Springs