Behind this year’s Winter Carnival button design |

Behind this year’s Winter Carnival button design

Drumroll, please…

The winner of this year’s Winter Carnival button design contest is 12-year-old Antigone Loomis, a seventh grader at Steamboat Springs Middle School.

“They gave us the overall topic, which was ‘Where Legends are Made,’” said Loomis, adding it was the second time entering the contest. “So, when I heard the parameters, my mind went to doing something with the different disciplines the club supports.”

The winning design, which grace all the fundraiser buttons sold to support the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club at this year’s Winter Carnival, is a gold medal with a snowflake in its center against a light blue backdrop with exploding fireworks.

Scattered around the medal are the many different disciplines SSWSC supports, including Alpine racing, snowboarding, Nordic skiing, jumping and freeskiing. Loomis, who moved to Steamboat five years ago with family, is familiar with the club’s offerings, training and racing in its U-14 Nordic group.

“Each year, we host an online submission asking kids age 18 and under who live in the Yampa Valley to submit artwork that portrays that year’s theme, which this time is ‘Where Legends Are Made,’” said SSWSC marketing director Rory Clow. “We asked kids to submit artwork that reflected the Olympic heritage of Steamboat and the rich history of Winter Carnival.”

In all, 25 kids submitted entries into this year’s contest, all digitally placed into “button” rings like the final button, with the names of the artists removed so favoritism couldn’t come into play. Then they were posted in an online voting poll for all SSWSC staff to vote for their favorite.

From there, the top six were given to a final team of SSWSC leadership, where each button design was examined and discussed to determine which art best depicted the theme. As for winning this go-around, Loomis, who loves art and “does a lot of drawing in different art mediums,” is thrilled by the accolades. “I was super excited when I found out I won,” Loomis said. “It really brightened my day. And all my friends are super excited for me also. I can’t wait to see it on the button.”


1ST PLACE: Antigone Loomis, age 12.

“Antigone’s artwork won first place due to its depiction of an athlete from each discipline of the SSWSC showing off tricks (perhaps during the Winter Carnival athlete exhibition), a gold medal with a snowflake celebrating winter that represents our legends’ success, and the visual incorporation of the fireworks of the Winter Carnival,” Clow said, adding that the Night Extravaganza is one of the community’s favorite events of the weekend. “We felt like Antigone’s artwork really embodied many aspects of the theme ‘Where Legends Are Made,’ while honoring the history of the Winter Carnival and SSWSC.”

2ND PLACE: Ben Becker, age 10.

Ben’s artwork showed athlete progression, from a first-time skier all the way up to a podium medal winner,” said Clow. “Progression is the key to any legend’s success, and since SSWSC trains athletes of all abilities and ages, this artwork really spoke to us. Combined with colorful snowflakes on a mountain scene that begs to be skied down, Ben’s artwork really showed that Steamboat is the birthplace of legends.”

3RD PLACE: Mackenzie Gilchrist, age 12.

“Mackenzie’s artwork is our first collage submission, and we loved the uniqueness,” Clow said. “With newspaper cutouts highlighting Olympians, ranchers and of a variety of winter sports, her artwork nailed the history of Steamboat and our local legends who have helped to shape our community.”

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