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The man, the myth, the legend

Q. If you only work on Christmas Eve, how do you keep yourself busy the other 364 days?

A. After Christmas, Mrs. Clause and I take a big trip and unwind! It’s only a short break however because it takes a long time to plan and prepare for the next Christmas. Me and the elves are constantly developing new toys for young children and old children alike throughout the whole year so Christmas Eve or “The Big Day” as we refer to it here at the North Pole is only part of the job.

Q. How do you determine who is naughty and who is nice?

A. That is easy. I get help from all the mothers and fathers. Also, mean people and bullies are easy to spot. They are not really happy, don’t have a sincere smile and lack a twinkle in their eyes.

But and this might surprise some people it’s actually the children themselves who help me keep my list up to date. They’re the ones who know in their own hearts whether they’ve truely been naughty or nice.

Q. Does anything in-between exist between naughty and nice? Where do you keep your list?

A. People (of all ages) can choose to be naughty OR nice and there isn’t much in-between. More people should choose to be nice, it would make this world a better place!

As for my list, I keep it in my heart don’t you?

Q. How can your sleigh hold all of those toys? Does anyone ever accompany you on the trip?

A. Now we get into some of that magic of Christmas top secret you know. Let me just put it this way I get lots of help I have more helpers than anyone I can think of. It probably has something to do with the spirit of the season. The sleigh only has room for one, with all gifts I carry sorry, no riders.

Q. Do your reindeer get tired of towing you and your gifts around all night?

A. You know they train very hard it’s not all reindeer games! They are really beat at the end of the trip but they always make it.

Q. Has technology changed the operation of your sleigh?

A. Rudolph’s nose is so high tech that governments all over the world would like to know about how it works sorry, that’s TOP SECRET hush hush, you know.

Q. What is your favorite Christmas movie and why?

A. I really liked “The Santa Clause” with Tim Allen. Being chosen to be Santa, even a Santa helper, is a great honor.

Q. How do you feel about people playing you on the big screen?

A. Actors are always trying to be someone they are not. Famous people are always being portrayed in different ways. The ones who are kind and giving come the closest.

More impressive, however than the actors, are the real people who play me all over the world the ones who do it simply in the spirit of the season those are the ones who really have me down pat.

Q. How do you manage to deliver presents to homes without chimneys? How do you deliver gifts to children who live in apartment buildings? Do you go door to door?

A. I get a lot of help especially from the Spirit of Chritmas who needs no chimney to deliver joy to the places where I might not be able to get to.

Q. You’ve likely heard a few unbelievers in your time. What do you say to those people grown-ups and children alike who refuse to believe that Santa Claus exists?

A. Santa is a belief and sometimes people fool themselves into thinking that they no longer believe in me.

But do they believe in kindness? Do they believe in generosity?

Do their hearts quake at the sight of happy children?

The myth actually is how easy it is not to believe in Santa.

You can say you don’t believe in Santa until you are blue in the face. But once you believe in all that is Santa, it is difficult to give up that belief whether you are four or 84.

I think we should all be thankful that there are so many people who do believe in Santa and what Santa is all about.

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