Beard & Braid brings coffee, wine, beer, baked goods to downtown Steamboat Springs |

Beard & Braid brings coffee, wine, beer, baked goods to downtown Steamboat Springs

Editor’s note : This story has been updated to reflect that Beard & Braid is located at 116 Ninth Street in Steamboat Springs.

at Jess Lindstrom, the owner of Beard & Braid, said her new downtown coffee shop will offer fresh coffee, Colorado beers, a selection of organic wines and amazing baked goods blended with great service and a thoughtful approach.

“We’re definitely coffee-focused,” Lindstrom said of her new shop, which will open Friday, Feb. 18 at 116 Ninth Street. “I’m doing a bunch of pastries. We’re doing handmade croissants. We are doing gluten-free coffee cakes. We’re doing scones, and eventually, I’ll be doing birthday cakes.”

The shop will also serve coffee from Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters out of Lakewood.

“We’re the only people in town who are offering coffee from Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters,” said Ethan Martin, the front of house manager. “They practice a really cool direct-trade experience that’s a little different than a lot of the other roasters.”

Describing the difference, Martin said most roasters will send a company representative to a farm to work on behalf of the company.

“But one of Sweet Blooms’ unique practices is they’ll actually bring a representative of the village or the farm into the (U.S.), and show them where all their hard work is being produced and being processed,” Martin said. “The relationship there is just a little deeper than just the traditional trade offerings.”

Martin said Sweet Bloom owner Andy Sprenger, whose direct-trade model has turned the tables on who visits whom, brings a different culture by connecting the representatives of the farms with the company that is processing the beans, the wholesalers who bring the roasted beans to retailers, and the customers who are consuming the coffee.

Beard & Braid’s coffee menu will feature Sweet Bloom’s beans with a selection that includes traditional offerings like espresso, Americano, macchiato, cortado, latte and mocha. Customers can also choose from drip coffee, cold brew, hot and iced tea, and hot chocolate.

Beard & Braid will also use Sherpa Chai, matcha latte and golden milk, a turmeric base that Martin mixes with whipped honey to add a bit of sweetness. He said the menu will feature dark roasts, but customers will also find lighter roasted coffees that offer more nuances of flavor.

“We are serving all of the traditional style coffees, but we’re also going to incorporate a hopefully unique rotation of monthly cultural coffees where we actually feature a coffee from outside of the (U.S.),” Martin said. “Maybe (it will be) a traditional preparation style like a Scandinavian-rooted coffee or maybe a Thai creme iced cold brew — something like that. We hope to offer a representation of coffee that exists all around the world.”

Lindstrom also went to school in California, where she was educated in wines. As a result, Beard & Braid will be offering a selection of organic wines that includes Vincenzo Bianco, a unique orange wine from Italy, as well as several beers produced in Colorado.

While Lindstrom said the hours may vary at the beginning, the 2,700-square-foot shop accented by large windows, lots of natural light and a comfortable space plans to be open from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. Wednesday through Monday.

Lindstrom said everything about Beard & Braid is based on being thoughtful about the products, as well as being thoughtful about the shop’s customers.

Each day, customers can expect to find a large selection of baked goods created by Lindstrom in the early morning hours. She said the shop’s offerings will include her special five-day croissant, as well as other backed goodies.

Once the shop is up and running, she also hopes to be able to take special orders for things like birthday cakes.

“Our goal is to be thoughtful in service and products we offer, “Lindstrom said. “We want to listen to the community, because it’s so easy to get caught up in what tourists want, because they bring in a lot of money, which is wonderful, but there are also people that live here, and we want to be thoughtful to the way they think.”

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