Barclay Idsal: 2A supports co-working community |

Barclay Idsal: 2A supports co-working community

The Yampa Valley co-working community needs a “yes” vote on 2A. As the community manager of Steamboat's only co-working space, I see the needs of our remote coworkers on a daily basis, and if Steamboat wants to continue growing our vibrant and diverse location-neutral workforce, we need to establish regular flights in and out of the Yampa Valley Regional Airport in Hayden.

Our members, whose businesses are headquartered across the country in cities like Brooklyn, New York, and Cincinnati, Ohio, to name a few, need these flights to maintain strong connections with out-of-valley vendors and clients. Whether that's flying out of Steamboat to establish new business or attend conferences for professional development purposes, the established flight accessibility will not just benefit tourists and the service economy.

These flights will greatly help our often overlooked, always undervalued coworkers who bring big city salaries into rural Colorado. Funding such flights via a 0.20 percent sales tax will help retain a healthy, middle class population of remote workers and allow Steamboat businesses better access to markets beyond Routt County.

Not only do the flights mean increased business across all sectors of our local economy, it also means continuing to grow public-private partnerships that are the hallmarks of a successful local government.

If approved, 2A will have a minimal effect on the pocketbooks of our members while providing an excellent return for Steamboat's financially diverse population. A “yes” vote for 2A is a “yes” vote for our co-working community and the greater Steamboat economy.

Barclay Idsal

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