Barbara Swissler: Don’t give up your voice |

Barbara Swissler: Don’t give up your voice

To all those disappointed Steamboat Bernie Sanders supporters:

At the fall caucus and as an interested Independent, I was impressed with your energy and vocal enthusiasm in support of Bernie Sanders. It was nice to see so many young people actively participating in the voting process.  

I understand your frustration that Bernie was not chosen as the Democratic candidate for president. In 1968 when I was in college, Eugene McCarthy was the candidate who inspired many young people.  

Like Bernie, McCarthy was not chosen to be the Democratic candidate. Like Bernie, his young followers felt he had gotten a raw deal from the party. Unlike Bernie, McCarthy had virtually no impact on the Democratic platform. Bernie managed to get the platform to include endorsement of free tuition for community colleges, raise the minimum wage to a livable amount and expand Social Security to name few.

Unlike Bernie's followers, McCarthy supporters realized that he only had a small chance of winning and so focused energy on electing the party candidate, Hubert Humphrey, who lost to Richard Nixon. And we all know how that turned out.

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I have heard rumors around Steamboat that many Bernie supporters plan to boycott the coming elections. I feel this is truly a mistake, for you are giving up your voice to make a difference in electing key state and local officials and supporting other statewide issues that may directly affect your lives in the future. Use your voice and vote to make a difference in Colorado.

Remember, if you can't support any of the current presidential candidates on the ballot, you are not obligated to cast a vote for any of them — just leave that question blank and move on to other ballot issues. Please vote.

If you are uncertain about the statewide measures and how you feel about them, obtain the League of Women Voters pamphlet that outlines the state issues and prints pros and cons for these ballot initiatives. If you did not receive one by mail, you can obtain a copy at the County Clerk's Office in the Historic Routt County Courthouse, 522 Lincoln Ave.

Barbara Swissler

Steamboat Springs

Editor’s Note: The Steamboat Pilot & Today will be publishing its annual Voters Guide on Oct. 17 and hosting an Election Forum on Oct. 20 at the Steamboat Grand. Both will provide information on candidates and issues.