Barbara Lacey: For the community |

Barbara Lacey: For the community

Bud? Affordable Housing? Ethics? Let us not forget he voted away affordable housing while seated on City Council and the Health and Recreation Board; Health and Recreation got new tennis courts.

He voted for affordable housing while seated on City Council and the multi-jurisdictional housing authority. With prior knowledge and while supporting the project’s progress, Bud got a lot in the subdivision.

The intent for West End Village was to offer our community’s working families an opportunity to own and build a home where they could live and raise their families. The offer was to low-income families with deed-restricted lots and middle-income families with free market lots. Free market lot sales helped pay for infrastructure to assist keeping the deed restricted lots less expensive.

The urgency to sell the free market lots was truly unnecessary, as the subdivision was completely sold out in nine months. Could Bud and his friends have bought lots? Sure. Should they have? No. Purchasing lots as investments is part of our local housing problem. It eliminates available property, pushes housing costs up and forces our working families out. Shame on Bud — a retired teacher should know better — and shame on some of our real estate community and others for profiting from our workers and their families.

For the past eight years, the community has been chosen last to be on the team of the City Council majority. Let’s vote for those who consider the entire community, not those who put themselves and their friends first.

Barbara Lacey

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