Barbara Gehl: Slow down in South Routt |

Barbara Gehl: Slow down in South Routt

South Routt County is a rural area and there are often animals/pets crossing the road. In this year alone, I have lost at least five cats to the highway. I live in a reduced speed area — 45 mph — which nobody respects and slows down.

Earlier this week in the evening, I was sitting in my house and heard a vehicle go by at what sounded like a fairly high rate of speed and hit something. That something was one of my cats. They were going fast enough that the cat was thrown a good five feet from the highway into my driveway.

The driver was aware that he hit the cat but elected not to stop that evening. He did come in the next day, which is unusual as I generally do not hear from the driver. He did admit that he was exceeding the speed limit by at least 20 mph.

Drivers – what if that had been a child? It wasn’t a child this time, but it was a valued pet.

What if it had been your pet? Slow down, obey the speed limits, and if you hit something, please stop and check on it. As a pet owner with outdoor animals, we know this happens but the courtesy of an apology helps with the heartbreak of losing the pet.

Barbara Gehl

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