Babette McAlpin Dickson: Raise the bar: Vote for John DeVincentis |

Babette McAlpin Dickson: Raise the bar: Vote for John DeVincentis

I encourage you to vote for John DeVincentis on Nov. 1 for the Steamboat Springs School Board. I have two boys at school in Steamboat, and I have observed and appreciated John D.’s work as a principal.

First, John has decades of experience in the public school system, and I know he thinks like I do: the children first. His record is amazing, and he has led one of our elementary schools to a level of excellence our community is very proud of.

As a School Board member, DeVincentis will protect the quality of a learning environment unique to our district. He will understand, better than his opponent, how to harmonize the needs and duties of a high-performing school district with the needs of a highly qualified staff.

For years, John shared his working days with teachers, children and parents.He is the most experienced member the board will have in this regard. No qualifications could ever replace the hours of expertise he has in managing a school, listening to the staff and listening to parents.

John always supported me and James — my autistic son — in our challenging life. His door was always open, and I trusted his commitment to offer my son the best. His vision for the inclusion program gave my son a chance to become a highly motivated and happy student. John believed in his teachers and gave them all the support needed to achieve their mission: to educate and lead my son and all others to a successful school life.

With John on our school board, we will have a person with unmatched experience who will relate to everybody’s life, whether you are a parent, a teacher or a member of our community who cares about the future of our children.

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Let’s raise the bar higher: Vote for John DeVincentis.

Babette McAlpin Dickson
Steamboat Springs