Babette Dickson: I’ll miss Curve |

Babette Dickson: I’ll miss Curve

I was very sad to learn that “my” Curve Market is closing.

The team running Curve has been outstanding. I want to salute Gary and his awesome employees. The deli was fantastic and perfect for a gourmet like me. You are the best, and I wish you all the best.

I am disappointed with the owner who is closing the grocery store that served the residents of the west side. We loved our store. I wish the owner had given other investors a chance to jump in and keep the grocery open.

I think that was a terrible business decision.

I will miss the people at Curve, and I am already tired at the idea of driving across town to get my groceries. And I am worried for the economic future and development of west Steamboat.

Babette Dickson

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