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Ava Winkler: A home’s tribute

A historic house in Oak Creek is gone.

A home recently was built after our old home was torn down, but I wanted to say a few words in honor of our old place.

Our original, little home was built in 1898 at the very end of Highland Street in Oak Creek. A businessman from Greeley has owned it for many years. It has been well-known and well-loved by many people.

Friends, kinfolk, fishermen and hunters have used it for a weekend or stopover. Each visitor left his or her name and usually an appreciative message on our bulletin board (The bulletin board has been carefully saved, the only thing now left of the little house).

For people who lived in the city, it was comfortable and a simple pleasure to stay there. With a nice fire going, the busy world seemed far away, though anyone who expected ultra-modern conveniences had a surprise coming.

A fire had to be built not just to get warm but also to have hot water and to cook meals — a somewhat rustic but nostalgic way to do things. And everyone who stayed there appreciated the luxury of being able to get away from the city.

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Well, the old house is gone now, and a new one has been built in its place, for a new generation. And we will still enjoy our get-aways to Routt County just as much. But I still miss the sweet little home that once was, but is now gone forever.

Ava Winkler