Author shares Native American stories, wisdom |

Author shares Native American stories, wisdom

Kelly Silva

— In a story that speaks symbolically yet straight forward about the ethics of life, Joseph Marshall III teaches his lessons through the roles of various Native American folk tales and anecdotes.

As a member of the Sicunga Lakota Sioux tribe, Marshall has shared his insights with the world in “The Lakota Way: Stories and Lessons for Living, Native American Wisdom on Ethics and Character.”

The heart of the Native American philosophies lead to a meaningful life through stories of the Lakota culture and because of Marshall’s ancestral connection, he creates a vision for the Anglo-American in today’s culture.

Marshall writes of the Oglala Lakota leader Crazy Horse who was humiliated and shy. But Marshall gives the readers this story to show that humility is necessary for leaders to see clarity.

He writes of his grandfather’s symbolic messages that helped him through rough periods in his life and now he shares those same insights in “The Lakota Way.”

Marshall presents a Lakota virtue in each of the 12 chapters (humility, perseverance, respect, honor, love, sacrifice, truth, compassion, bravery, fortitude, generosity and wisdom) along with an anecdote, folk tale, memoir or brief history of how that virtue came to be.

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Marshall was raised on the Rosebud Indian Reservation in South Dakota where he learned Lakota as his first language.

He is a historian, educator, speaker, technical adviser and has been an actor in “Return to Lonesome Dove.”

Marshall was the recipient of the Wyoming Humanities Award and is the author of two collections of essays, “On Behalf of the Wolf and the First Peoples” and “The Dance House.”

Marshall lives in Jackson Hole, Wyo. He could not be reached for an interview.