Audrey Anderson: Second home owners do pay taxes |

Audrey Anderson: Second home owners do pay taxes

After reading the letter to the editor titled “Right on the Money” in Saturday’s paper, I wanted to respond to several inaccuracies in the author’s statements.

Firstly she claims, “many of our winter and summer visitors own vacation homes here on which they pay no property tax.” Really? As one who owns a “vacation home” here (in fact a third one)  I can assure you we do  pay property taxes, and we know quite a few people who own second homes, and they all pay property taxes.

Secondly, the author states that it is not fair that some businesses get services they do not pay for, as they do not generate sales tax revenue. These businesses buy many products and services to operate their business and pay sales tax on all of those.

And back to us second home owners, in addition to the property tax we pay in the time we spend here, we pay sales tax on groceries, restaurants and other purchases, just like the locals do, so I am also not sure how a statement could be made that it is the fulltime residents that subsidize the basic services that are provided to second home owners.

Please also do not forget that we second home owners pay property taxes that help support Steamboat’s schools and hospitals, services which we most likely do not use.

Audrey Anderson

Westlake, Texas

Editor’s note: Owners of second homes in Steamboat Springs do pay property taxes to Routt County, however Steamboat Springs has no municipal property tax.

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