At large: Steve Ivancie on the issues |

At large: Steve Ivancie on the issues

Steve Ivancie
City Council At-Large
Age: 48
Occupation: Project Manager for Jake’s Drafting Services

Property Tax: Proposes a phase reduction in high sales tax rates and to implement a property tax over two years. Believes increasing local taxes to force second homeowners to contribute to city revenue is questionable and counterproductive.

Growth: Growth control mechanisms should be in community plan, but is reluctant to condone growth caps. Says artificially limiting the housing supply forces cost up and inhibits the city’s ability to build a more inclusive community.

Chamber Funding: Encourages the chamber to explore a more reliable funding mechanism, rather than remaining dependent on city subsidies. He proposes a dedicated sales tax, increased lodging taxes, business licenses and marketing districts.

Triple Crown: City is too dependent on Triple Crown. Says city should not build more fields with public dollars on public land to accommodate Triple Crown growth.

Mount Werner Water Consolidation: Supports consolidation. Supports policies that will have the city provide efficient water and sewer services to all its customers, equalize rates throughout the city and keep the city’s responsibility to protect and maintain the public’s infrastructure.