When spot misbehaves

It’s difficult when owners can’t understand what a pet wants and needs, however, if you’ve experienced some negative pet behavior, we’ve asked animal experts to help you out.

Mary Radebaugh, manager of Elk River Farm and Feed, said all pets needs a little love.

Radebaugh said people buy food so their pet won’t shed or poop, but the trick of the trade is just giving a pet attention and love.

“Dogs are dogs. If you didn’t want one that did that, you shouldn’t have a dog,” Radebaugh said.

When pets are left alone or are treated badly they will begin to act negatively. Radebaugh said obediance school is a possibility, but love and attention are key.

Radebaugh also said giving a pet short commands is one way it will listen to you. Words like “no,” “stop” or “down” are simple terms for the pet to understand, just like a simple name.

“Start out using a one-syllable name and stick with it,” Radebaugh said.

Also exercising a pet and working with it shows true loyalty and committment something to which a pet can relate.

Nancy Burdette, owner of Paws ‘n Claws ‘n Things, said don’t follow the old wives’ tale that a puppy should be trained at six months a puppy needs training the day you get it.

“When you’re bringing a new dog into the house with other dogs, the senior dog needs to get most of the attention,” Burdette said.

The senior dog should be fed and pet first, although the cute little puppies, just like babies, are the ones you want to coddle.

Burdette said spanking the dog or getting rough with it will not make the dog ever want to come when you call it again.

“Praise it when it comes to you, no matter what,” Burdette said.

And for cats, the basic rule of thumb is to keep a litter box clean for every cat in the house and provide it with a scratching post.

“They’re doing something that’s very natural. You need to provide the appropriate place for them,” Burdette said.

Compiled by Kelly Silva

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