Are you ready for some parties?

It could be beer and pretzels, or maybe you really want to impress your guests with gourmet appetizers and microbrews for a fabulous football weekend.

If you’re questioning your ability to throw a fabulous football party, here are a few tips to put your mind at ease and your mind focused on the game.

Julie Bedell of The Industrial Company said she never has more than 10 people at her football parties and adding extra chairs to the living room always makes for a more comfortable afternoon.

“Well, here in Colorado, the day usually starts with whenever the Broncos are on and then we typically pick another game,” Bedell said.

“We just do it real simple. (We) make sure there’s lots of alcohol. Lots of beer for the guys and margaritas for the girls.”

When it comes to feeding the small crowd, Bedell said simple is better. She usually puts out plates of nachos with all the fixings to let guests pile on the goop themselves.

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Nachos and beer seem to be popular menu items, according to Kevin Stout of the Tap House Sports Grill.

“I’ve done everything from prime rib to nachos. But you’ve got to have beer,” Stout said.

Stout said the restaurant did brats and beer and now does chili dogs and beer, which he doesn’t think is appropriate for football.

“I think chili dogs are more for baseball season,” Stout said. “But having been to Lambeau Field in Green Bay, people eat brats, beer and have tailgate parties.”

Stout said it doesn’t matter what you have, just stay within your budget. Whether it’s champagne and caviar or wieners and Bud, a football party is a football party.

“Nothing’s written in stone. Everything is acceptable,” Stout said.

Compiled by Kelly Silva

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