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Another piece of the pie

School district offering all-day kindergarten online survey

Mike McCollum

Kindergartners Jack Colfer, left, and Kevin Kaster play in a toy car on the playground at Soda Creek Elementary School in November 2007. Steamboat Springs School District officials are using an online survey to gather input on all-day kindergarten.

— Steamboat Springs School District officials have created an online survey to gather more community, parent and staff input on how to best implement all-day kindergarten.

JoAnne Hilton-Gabeler, the district’s curriculum and instruction director, said the Steamboat Springs School Board plans to discuss all-day kindergarten at a meeting March 10.

“At that time, the board wants to have some sense of community input and what parents may want out of full-day kindergarten, what they want it to look like and whether it will be tuition-based or not,” she said. “These are the general questions we are asking in the survey.”

The anonymous survey also asks whether parents would prefer all-day kindergarten to start in August 2008, January 2009 or August 2009.

Another questions asks, “Would you be interested in a public Montessori all-day kindergarten program if it were part of a tuition-based primary classroom (3-year-olds, 4-year-olds and kindergartners) run by the school district?”

Questions for the survey were established by the district’s all-day kindergarten committee, which includes school administrators, school district directors, teachers, support staff, parents and other members of the community.

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“We have also assigned (committee) members to poll local preschools,” Hilton-Gabeler said. “Additionally, committee members are planning to place paper versions of the survey in local libraries.”

School Board member Denise Connelly said she hopes the survey will provide information about whether the community supports a tuition-based program, and the approximate number of students who might enroll in all-day kindergarten.

“If there are only 17 or so at each school, then that would only be one classroom,” she said. “But what we have heard is that a lot of times when full-day kindergarten is introduced, a lot more people sign up.”

Hilton-Gabeler hopes the input gathered from the survey helps move the all-day kindergarten discussion forward.

“We hope to have some kind of directive about where they want to go, and we can go from there,” she said. “This is just adding another piece to the pie so the board can have a broader idea of what the community wants.”

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