Ann Ross: Save the Yampa River Queen |

Ann Ross: Save the Yampa River Queen

Everything, even centuries old, is repairable or salvageable to some degree. Maybe it can not be restored to its original glory, but it’s still fixable. So save and repair the Yampa River Queen.

Each of us loves Steamboat for a variety of reasons. According to SKI magazine, 2018 visitors like our mountain for tree skiing and our town for the cowboy atmosphere and authentic look. I'll add, the Yampa River Queen, the glorious valley, ranch land, wilderness, hot springs and kid- and adult-friendly activities.

The Yampa River Queen, a paddleboat likeness, belongs on the river in the park. Trappers believed they'd find a boat on the river upon hearing the swishing sound arising from the springs. Steamboat Springs is our name.

Repair and keep the icon paddleboat Queen on the river. To not do so would be like sending the iconic yellow caboose, at the Depot Art Center on down the line, chasing Hazie Werner off her bench at the library or removing the Chief's heads from the theater. Without the pioneers, there would be no Tread museum.

We must keep our rich heritage intact. Save and repair the Yampa River Queen.

Ann Ross

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