Ann Ross: Ode to mud season |

Ann Ross: Ode to mud season

I love mud season

for many a reason

splashing happy the Yampa flows

as rain drops fall in

a path for walk

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jump in each puddle as I go

dog barks, bike hits on my behind

gone for awhile

peace on the mountain as before

gouge marks hid by trace of new snow

each flake a diamond glow

no ear-busting din

return to the love of afore

smell of pine as I walk by the stream

wide open Lincoln

is cattle drive ready

fluffy blue white clouds

hover above on my walk

view store tops as I go

skillfully erected in days of yore

snowcapped peaks to the east

touch of pink western sky

a hint of a blanket for the sleeper

new born can be seen

yellow daffodils, purple crocus pop out

oh so much more

It's Routt that I'm about

mud season I adore.

Ann Ross

Steamboat Springs