Ann Ross: A few men hold too much power |

Ann Ross: A few men hold too much power

My mother said, “do not sweep your dirt under the rug, as someday your trash will be found.” It has taken far too long to expose the bad, indecent behavior of men in politics, industry and churches.

The major senators seated on the judiciary committee are southerners — some who had interviewed Anita Hill, who spoke against the Clarence Thomas nomination for a lifetime seat on the Supreme Court.

How dare they ask, “if she was a scorned woman?” Many of those same 1991 senators will be interviewing Christine Blasey Ford. I believe their frozen mindset still exists.

Both women are scholars who are helping thousands of abused women feel they can now tell their story and get relief. A little background material; there were no female restrooms in the area at that time, and even now, no GOP women on that side of committee. Backing up even farther, black men were allowed to vote in 1870 before women in 1919, a 50-year difference.

There is far too much power allowed to a few egotistical supremacy men. We must push for “term limits” for all appointed and elected representatives. We must stop the galvanizing, divisive, hegemony political power.

Men with that governed power must be exposed. Senator Kennedy’s comments at another hearing are valid today. If government controls woman’s care of herself then it is obligated to feed, cloth and educate.

My body is not to be governed by anyone but me. Reading reports from the boys school Brent Kavanaugh attended is alarming, and his smearing jobs as a Republican party lawyer are disgusting.

Oh, there are many despicable people — politicians, church clergy and business tycoons — but today, I am talking about Kavanaugh and the SCOTUS. It is no mystery that Trump and company, with his many documented escapades, support Kavanaugh and also have the support of old men senators.

As I write another women has come forward attesting to his behavior. Oh, yes they just pop out of the woodwork to get in the limelight.

I can personally attest to child abuse and political chicanery. If we, women, with the help of decent men, win this battle we must stand tall, be just, fair and true.

Ann Ross

Steamboat Springs

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