Anderson grabs 3rd as Telemark event wraps up |

Anderson grabs 3rd as Telemark event wraps up

Amélie Reymond, of Switzerland, skis in a Telemark sprint classic race Tuesday at Howelsen Hill. She won the event, wrapping up her third championship of the three-day World Cup event in Steamboat.

Amélie Reymond, of Switzerland, skis in a Telemark sprint classic race Tuesday at Howelsen Hill. She won the event, wrapping up her third championship of the three-day World Cup event in Steamboat.
Joel Reichenberger

— Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club Telemark skiing coach Shane Anderson helped put on the show that was the Telemark World Cup event that descended on Steamboat Springs this week.

And Tues­day, as the race wrapped up its three days in Steamboat with a bright and sunny day of racing at Howelsen Hill, Anderson stole that show.

Anderson finished third on the men's side of the event's final race, a sprint classic event at Howelsen. It was his first podium in more than five years of skiing on the World Cup circuit and the second for a local skier and U.S. team member during the tour's stay in Steamboat.

"I had a rough first two days with crashes and worrying about organizing everything, but today, everything came together," Anderson said. "It's definitely a dream come true. I really never thought it was going to happen."

Anderson finished in 1 minute, 42.13 seconds, behind the day's champion and a podium fixture during the Steamboat event, Philippe Lau, of France, in at 1:39.40, and Eirik Rykhus, whose time of 1:40.78 was good for a top finish for the second consecutive day.

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"I just had a great feeling all day. Everything felt good," said Anderson, who was second after the first run and managed to make his time hold up for a podium spot. "I've been down this hill so much, so I knew what I had to do and was able to put it all together."

Lau's championship was his third podium finish of the event, but even that paled in comparison to the Steamboat accomplishments of Amélie Reymond, of Switzerland, who maintained her stranglehold on the women's field with her third victory in as many races.

Reymond's two-run combined time was 1:51.71, three seconds better than that of fellow Swiss competitor Sandrine Meyer, in at 1:54.96. Maren Ulvestad Haugsten, of Norway, was third at 1:59.76.

"These weren't my best runs of the season, but they were good, and I was very happy to win," Reymond said. "This was my second time coming to the United States. I am happy to discover a new country and a new state. This one is very good, and I was happy to be here."

Outside Anderson, Madi Mc­­Kinstry was the United States' top representative. She was 10th in the women's field. Kathleen Ross was 14th, Eliza­beth Klemer was 15th, and Erika Walters was 16th.

Charlie Dresen was the next best American male finisher. He was 11th. David Hobbs was 14th, Drew Hauser was 16th, and Eric Lamb, Cory Snyder, Jeffrey Gay, Chris Henery, Birk Larsen, Ken Recker and Jack Long filed in for the United States from 18th to 24th. Joel Nylander was 26th, Josh Lanzetta was 28th, and Cole Schneider was 29th.

The Steamboat portion is over, but the Colorado-based Telemark World Cup continues this week at Keystone. The action resumes with classic races Thursday and Friday and wraps up with giant slalom events Saturday and Sunday.

Event results

Steamboat Springs Telemark World Cup results

Giant Slalom



  1. Philippe Lau, France, 1:39.40

  2. Eirik Rykhus, Norway, 1:40.78

  3. Shane Anderson, United States, 1:42.13

  4. Sven Lau, France, 1:42.41

  5. Bastien Dayer, Switzerland, 1:43.65

  6. Matias Wagenius, Sweden, 1:44.69

  7. Antoine Bouvier, France, 1:45.67

  8. Daniel Forrer, Switzerland, 1:47.06

  9. Harald Kvaerner, Norway, 1:47.68

  10. Troels Tore Larsen, Denmark, 1:49.05

  11. Charlie Dresen, United States, 1:49.98

  12. Thomas Bergfors, Denmark, 1:50.32

  13. Chris Lau, France, 1:50.42

  14. David Hobbs, United States, 1:52.76

  15. Luka Pintar, Slovenia, 1:54.09

  16. Drew Hauser, United States, 1:54.49

  17. Thomas Testillano, Spain, 1:55.26

  18. Eric Lamb, United States, 1:56.98

  19. Cory Snyder, United States, 1:58.84

  20. Jeffrey Gay, United States, 1:59.50

  21. Chris Henery, United States, 2:00.53

  22. Birk Larsen, United States, 2:01.77

  23. Ken Recker, United States, 2:02.42

  24. Jack Long, United States, 2:02.89

  25. Yoda Kentaro, Japan, 2:03.83

  26. Joel Nylander, United States, 2:03.91

  27. Tine Kolenc, Slovenia, 2:04.92

  28. Josh Lanzetta, United States, 2:06.35

  29. Cole Schneider, United States, 2:06.92

  30. Sadahiro Kazunori, Japan, 2:10.38

  31. Richard Parrott, Great Britain, 2:35.16


  1. Amélie Reymond, Switzerland, 1:51.71

  2. Sandrine Meyer, Switzerland, 1:54.96

  3. Maren Ulvestad Haugsten, Norway, 1:59.76

  4. Suzanne Scheller, Germany, 2:00.09

  5. Laura Grenier-Soliget, France, 2:00.41

  6. Katinka Knudsen, Norway, 2:02.91

  7. Julie Duedahl, Denmark, 2:03.57

  8. Lisa Englund, Sweden, 2:03.74

  9. Raquel Bau Lau, Spain, 2:09.59

  10. Madi McKinstry, United States, 2:13.95

  11. Melodie David-Metral, France, 2:19.72

  12. Sarah Hannibal, Great Britain, 2:20.34

  13. Anne Marit Enger, Norway, 2:21.95

  14. Kathleen Ross, United States, 2:35.48

  15. Elizabeth Klemer, United States, 2:39.08

  16. Erika Walters, United States, 2:44.08