Ana Lash: Thank you from Hayden Library |

Ana Lash: Thank you from Hayden Library

Hayden Public Library would like to thank everyone who participated in our recent survey. We had a very successful turnout, and we are excited to tally the responses to see how we can better serve our community.

We handed out more than 250 surveys and received 218 surveys with names and more than 20 anonymous contributions. The survey on our website had a response of 10, and we increased the number of members for the Friends of the Library.

It was interesting to read that the most common answer to the question "I would visit the library more often if, …" was, "I had more time."

We received a wide variety of responses from different age groups, towns and non-users. The survey increased awareness of the different programs and services offered by the Hayden Library, and there was positive feedback regarding being a do- friendly library as long as the dogs are "under control."

The winner of the Kindle Fire was Kyle Monger.

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Ana Lash

Hayden Library director