Amy J. Williams: Treat area with respect |

Amy J. Williams: Treat area with respect

It was good to see a recent column speaking positively about the Interior Department's efforts to promote smart energy development on federal lands.

Colorado oil and gas operators operate under some of the toughest regulations in the nation. In fact, other states seeking to adopt regulations of their own often will look to Colorado as a model. Governed by the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, nearly every decision regarding an oil and gas well in the state is considered for environmental and health impacts.

As the column's author, Nathan Fey, points out, oil and gas is an important economic driver, especially in rural areas. Smart development that allows us to develop our abundant resources and fuels economic growth will create many positive opportunities for our communities and residents.

Western Colorado is a special place that deserves to be treated with respect. With the right regulations, planning and responsible operators, we can develop resources that will benefit this region for years to come. While many have questions and concerns about energy development, when you look at the facts you will see that hydraulic fracturing is a process that has been done in Colorado for more than 60 years and more than 1 million times across the nation.

As the debate about the future of energy development in Colorado continues to heat up, I hope others look to the facts and beyond the heated rhetoric.

Amy J. Williams, president

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