Amanda Kalina: Cookies good to go |

Amanda Kalina: Cookies good to go

— I was just contacted by a Girl Scouts leader in the Steamboat Springs area who alerted me to an article that appeared in your Sunday paper of the Steamboat Pilot & Today titled “Girl Scouts deal with bad batch of cookies,” (Feb. 17, 2008) by Cheryl Johnston Sadgrove out of Raleigh, N.C.

This article talked about a problem with Girl Scout cookies in the southeastern part of the country that your paper picked up from the wire. You need to let your readers know that the cookies in the Steamboat Springs area are fine. The cookies involved in that situation are not baked by the same baker as the cookies in the Steamboat Springs area. Steamboat Springs-area cookies come from Little Brownie Bakers; the cookies involved in the North Carolina situation came from ABC Bakers and only affected about nine councils – Girl Scouts of Colorado not being one of them.

Consumers in the Steamboat Springs area can be assured that they have received the finest Girl Scouts cookies from Girl Scouts of Colorado. Our bakery, Little Brownie Bakers, tells us that “you can be assured that we would never do anything to compromise the trust you have placed in us to provide high quality, safe food.” Therefore, there should be no fear in consuming or purchasing the Girl Scout cookie product in your area. If you have any additional questions about your cookies, please contact Girl Scouts of Colorado at (866) 827-7033. Thank you for your support of the premier business training program for girls in the United States. The Girl Scouts in your community thank you.

Amanda Kalina

Public relations manager, Girl Scouts of Colorado