Allison Tate: Kidd no thief |

Allison Tate: Kidd no thief

I was upset by the article printed in the Oct. 18 issue of Steamboat Today. The article pertained to an incident with Billy Kidd at City Market. It was quite obvious that there was a gross misunderstanding.

Granted, he could have handled the situation differently; however, Kidd is no thief. Why portray him as one in bold headlines? Why even print such incriminating material?

By printing articles that publicly humiliate longtime local residents, the Steamboat Today is reducing itself to tabloid status. Kidd has been shopping at City Market long before most of the current employees were around. He has been a national spokesman for skiing in Steamboat Springs and has been responsible for bringing many guests to town. Most of these guests do their shopping at City Market.

The staff should keep that in mind.

Allison Tate

Steamboat Springs