Allison Plean: No more running from scissors |

Allison Plean: No more running from scissors

Allison Plean

Allison Plean

I’ve never considered myself a high-maintenance girl. Even worse is the girl – as Meg Ryan’s character explained in “When Harry Met Sally” – who thinks she’s low maintenance but really is high maintenance.

In fact, I used to cry every time my mother took me to get a hair cut. And the one time someone paid for me to get a manicure, I destroyed all that good nail work the second I walked out the door. I went back in to get it fixed and walked out and destroyed it again.

My idea of a haircut is to have my restaurant manager cut my hair out back by the Dumpster during a snowstorm (True story).

But as I’ve gotten older – and as gift certificates have became trendy presents – I’ve come to appreciate a little pampering in the quest for exterior beauty. I now understand why people become so attached to their hair stylists.

Last weekend, I went to Sam Bennett, owner of Runs With Scissors Salon, to highlight and cut my hair. When she found me falling asleep under the hair dryer, she brought me a cup of coffee. She also unknowingly handed me a copy of my favorite magazine (Vogue) and opened up one of her favorite books to share a funny passage with me.

This getting your hair done thing ain’t so bad.

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Picking the right hair stylist is like picking the right physical therapist. You have to shop around.

Anytime you work with someone like a hair stylist or a physical therapist who sees you on a regular basis, you develop a relationship with them.

There were times when my physical therapist knew more about what was going on in my life than my best friend. They can be people to bounce ideas off and keep track of the inconsequential things in your life you can’t discuss with just anyone.

Plus, hair salons apparently now provide excellent personal service, including dispensing of advice.

I spent the past couple of weeks bidding on a $200 ceramic flat iron on eBay. Luckily, I got a good deal or I would have been upset when Bennett told me the $19.99 ceramic flat irons at Wal-Mart are just as good as their fancy counterparts.

Who knew?

She also didn’t try to sell me expensive hair products. Many of us mountain women don’t need to be confused or swindled with unnecessary product. The less time we spend in the bathroom, the more time we have for the mountain.

I’m learning that even mountain women can spoil themselves with a little beauty retreat from time to time, because not all restaurant managers like to cut their employees’ hair with scissors they borrowed from the bar next door.

Maybe I’ll start coloring my hair more than once a year. After all, it now looks shinier and healthier than it has since I was 8.

But back to the point – apparently I am the type of girl who would spend a couple of weeks (it was really one night) bidding on a $200 flat iron on eBay. And if I can spend four hours in a hair salon on a Sunday morning – when I could be skiing – then maybe I am a little bit more of a maintenance hybrid than I thought I was.

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