All you need is love: Steamboat Springs love stories, Part 2 |

All you need is love: Steamboat Springs love stories, Part 2

Editor’s Note: This article is a continuation of “All you need is love: Steamboat Springs love stories,” originally published on Friday, Feb. 9. 

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS — Turns out Steamboat Springs has more of those pull-on-your-heart-strings type of love stories than we thought. And as a hopeless romantic at heart, I couldn't help but share more of those stories on Valentine’s Day.

Tom Klose and Desiree Decker

It all started with homemade pizzas and dad jokes in Fort Collins. Tom Klose and Desiree Decker knew each other through mutual friends who happened to do a weekly "family dinner." The night the couple met, Decker and her roommates were the hosts.

"Des and I were the only sober ones, and she was being particularly quiet," Klose said. "I thought it was because she was uncomfortable with my being there because we hadn't spent a lot of time together. So, in true Tom form, I cracked an unfunny dad joke. No one laughed, but I was only focused on her not laughing.

"I think I asked her if she wanted to hang out just about every day over the next couple of weeks, which she loves to remind me," Klose continued.

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Over time, they get to know each other but were hesitant to pursue anything deeper because Klose was planning on moving to Steamboat. But alas, he couldn't leave her in Fort Collins. About a month before they moved here, he asked her to join him.

"I've learned it's easy to hold hands when things are good, but it is much more important to show/receive affection when times are tough," Klose said.  

Through the years, he said the two have learned that love is being willing to do the things the other wants, even if it's something that may not be a favorite activity. For example, Klose is participating in a yoga program with Decker, and she now watches Yankees games with him.

"I have found that the key to our relationship is that we try not to be right," he said. "We try to understand each other and leave the right and wrong out of it.”

Tiffany Russell and Adam Smith

It’s a love story that began at Steamboat's own Oktoberwest.

In 2012, Tiffany Russell and Adam Smith met through mutual friends, and instantly, there was a connection between them, palpable between all of their friends.

"I called my mom the next day and told her, 'I met the man I am going to marry,'” Russell said. "Reflecting back, we both do think we knew from the beginning. It didn't come without struggle or effort but that ‘knowing’ always reminded us what we were working for."

Together for six years, the couple will be getting married a month from Valentine's Day.

Love has taught them that sometimes slowing down is needed and even required. They do one fun thing together a week that doesn't involve work or chores on the 35-acre site of their new home.

"Love is being mindful enough to always consider the other person first,”  Russell said. “It also means giving up what you may want and need in that moment to consider if that is what is best for the other person. It means listening intentionally, and as cheesy as it sounds, love is being able to hang out with your best friend every day."

Ashlee and Hunter Weatherly

Sometimes fate brings two people together several years and thousands of miles later.

Hunter, from Alabama, and Ashlee, originally from upstate New York, met one weekend in June 2012 while Ashlee was traveling through Alaska. After that weekend, the two lost touch, only to reconnect in Steamboat in May 2016.

"Two years later, at a social event I threw at my house, a girl who had just moved to Steamboat from Alaska approached me to say she had the perfect man for me," Ashlee said. "I brushed it off knowing how difficult it was to date in a mountain town."

When Ashlee reached out, the man she was destined to meet was Hunter, who had moved two blocks away from her to plant roots on Steamboat and raise his son.

And the rest, as they say, is history. The two eventually married in the place they first met.

Paige Waters and Tim Patchett

"Think Legally Blonde, but with FedEx instead of UPS," said Paige Waters about her love story with boyfriend Tim Patchett.

She was working at The Porches while he was a FedEx delivery driver.

"I had a crush on him forever," said Waters. "It was the running joke at work for months."

One day, he finally asked her out for a hike up Hahn’s Peak.

"He had heard I was a vegetarian and pulled out a full array of veggies and hummus out from his backpack that he had kept on ice the entire climb of Hahn’s Peak," Waters said.

"I knew my life was going to change after that day," she continued. "And it did."

Now, they've been together for a year and a half.

"Love is definitely having the ability to listen and understand," said Waters. “I am a pretty open book with how I feel while Tim is a little more reserved, so I feel like we are constantly learning new communication with each other, which makes the ride even more exciting and ever evolving."

Renzo and Matthew Walton

For Erin Renzo and Matthew Walton, their story starts in the summer of 2009 at a Mambo's ’80’s-themed party — the first time they met.

"We didn’t see each other for a few months because we never exchanged phone numbers," said Walton about his eventual husband. "We saw each other another time but still didn't manage to exchange numbers."

They lost contact again but later Matthew found Renzo through Facebook. They started dating, and a year later, tied the knot when Matthew proposed in Telluride in the summer of 2010.

"He was very mysterious about the proposal because he was carrying a bag meant for frozen food," Renzo said. "I assumed it was ice cream but didn’t ask anything further."

To Renzo’s surprise, the bag contained Champagne, a box with the ring and strawberries dipped in chocolate. Matthew proposed, and Renzo said “yes.”

Amanda Jennings and Jason Serdar

Amanda Jennings and Jason Serdar met at a Cuban restaurant in Chicago in September 2015. At the time, Serdar was serving as the eatery’s head chef, and Jennings was working there.

"He introduced himself to the entire staff by yelling, 'Wash your hands' and that was it for me," Jennings said. "I was in love."

About two months after meeting, Jason asked her to move to Steamboat with him, and she said "yes.”

"It was a leap of faith, but we're still madly in love," said Jennings.

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