Alex Evonitz: Editorial about down-valley growth was spot on |

Alex Evonitz: Editorial about down-valley growth was spot on

So how do we do grow intelligently, while meeting the needs of someone like myself? I am 62, single, living and working in Hayden. I have a good job, but in spite of that fact, the current pricing trends lend to difficulty getting into a single-family home. Down payment assistance would be helpful for sure. Having lived in the Roaring Fork Valley for 20 years, I know it is a great primer.

Your comments on transit are also spot on. I worked for the city of Aspen and lived in Carbondale, so reliable, affordable and subsidized mass transit are a must for reducing endless traffic issues. Let's not be a fall guy to the same mistakes.

Get ahead of what other mountain resort communities have ready have learned. Does a word like proactive ring a bell with anyone. I know its old school but so am I.

Let's open our eyes to the fact we are a valley community stem to stern and not Steamboat and everyone else. Get over it Steamboat. That's short sighted and not productive. Are we smarter than that, hopefully, or is the writing on the wall done in invisible ink?

Alex Evonitz, P.E.