Al Reiner: Signs of irresponsibility |

Al Reiner: Signs of irresponsibility

I would like to thank the Steamboat Pilot & Today for the very important article regarding election signs. The three violators of city regulations are all longtime politicians who know the rules. They just choose to ignore them.

The violators, Loui Antonucci, Bud Romberg and Nancy Kramer, each gave outrageous responses when interviewed. Their answers disclosed much about their personal integrity and value systems that the voters need to know.

If Bud Romberg can’t determine “where property ends and the right-of-way starts” and still goes ahead putting up his signs, he has no business holding public office.

Nancy Kramer said her sign was put up by a child in the wrong place and taken down the next day. Kramer’s response shows contempt for the intelligence of the voters. How the child obtained the sign and got on to the right-of-way raises serious questions about her sense of responsibility.

Her statement infers that the City Clerk would have had to observe the sign immediately after the child put it up. This is simply not credible.

Loui Antonucci stated that he “does his best to avoid putting his signs in right-of-ways.” Antonucci has repeatedly stated that his contribution to City Council is based on his construction and real estate experience, and yet he is unable to determine a public right-of-way at election time.

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The most revealing part of the article is that none of these three candidates for public office, Romberg, Kramer or Antonucci, apologized and took responsibility for their actions. None of these three council candidates, each of whom has a huge budget for campaign materials and advertisements, has enough money to buy the public’s trust. Their transparent attempts to avoid personal responsibility for their actions disqualifies them from upholding the public trust or holding public office.

Al Reiner
Steamboat Springs