Accident ‘victim’ imagines her life, cut short |

Accident ‘victim’ imagines her life, cut short

Editor's note: In an effort to make students aware of the consequences of drinking and driving, Steamboat Springs High School uses a "sober prom" educational program. As part of the program this year,

— Monday afternoon, the fateful day of my death, may have saved lives. As I lay at the accident scene and listened to the sirens and the shouts around me, a million thoughts raced through my head. I should have said this or I should have done that; I wanted to do this and wanted to do that; and although I knew the situation wasn’t real, it had a real effect on me, and the people around me.
Some may ask, “Why put yourself in that situation?” To that, I have to say, looking your own death straight in the face is one of the hardest things you’ll ever do. I realized how much my family and friends mean to me, and how much I mean to them. I learned how much of a life I still have to live, the dreams and goals that I never would have reached and the hurt and pain I would have left behind, all with one bad choice. I would rather use my mock death as an example rather than see the effects of a real death.
The pain, tears and emotions were worth it; I could have saved a life. I truly believe that the Sober Prom activity will cause many on prom night to think twice about drinking and driving, or letting their friends drink and drive, so no one will have to say goodbye, lose their dreams and never reach their goals.
Our community’s luck in not having a young death will hopefully never run out, and the sober prom activity is only a reminder to those who may forget or who have forgotten in the past how precious life is.
My one hope is that the effects of the program will not disappear after prom but they will stay around forever and remind us. Perhaps my death will serve a purpose. If only one person’s life is saved, it was well worth it.

Joleen Fuller is an intern at the Steamboat Pilot/Steamboat Today and a senior at Steamboat Springs High school.

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