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A week like none of the other 51

Derrick Ferguson

— Homecoming is defined by its events: a high school game, dance or an event, such as a parade, to which alumni are invited.

According to Moffat County High School students and staff, it is that and much more. Instead of a single day, the high school has a week, starting with dress-up days. These include class colors, culture day, cowboy day and more. Activities are dotted throughout the week, as well, with games at lunch, which have been highlighted in previous years by dunk tank and wall climbing stations.

Of course the week also has a surreal touch to it, as the king and queen are announced, and students prepare for the culmination of the week. There is the ever-secretive float building, the fitting of dresses and the last-minute panic of finding a date.

Then there is the finale: the football game.

The Bulldog proving grounds annually are lit up with huge bursts of light celebrating touchdowns in the Homecoming football game. Then, following what football players and fans, alike, hope will be a blowout victory, there is the dance.

It is certainly not a measly one, either.

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Some schools’ focal point of the year is homecoming. Others wait with bated breath for the prom. MCHS has the opportunity to enjoy both, and it most assuredly does. There is always a photographer, refreshments and a party atmosphere.

So how do you describe a week of crazy attire, huge activities, and treasured memories?

According to Thom Schnellinger, MCHS principal, “It’s homecoming!”