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A painter and a pizza guy

Musical duo plays for food, fun

Autumn Phillips

For now, the two-man band is calling itself Painter and a Pizza Man, because that’s what the two men are. Keyboard player Cary Kamperschroer paints houses for a living, and guitar player Chris Utterberg delivers pizzas for Cugino’s.

“It’s a temporary name,” Utterberg said. “Hopefully, people will listen and think, ‘Wow, these guys are pretty good for a painter and a pizza guy.'”

They played their debut gig Wednesday night at Chelsea’s in Oak Creek. They play for fun. They play for food, and from now on, they will play from 7 to 9 p.m. every Wednesday.

Their unique style of music is a blend of Utterberg’s more serious jazz chops and Kamperschroer’s musical style, best described as “friendly.”

Kamperschroer’s music combines carnival-style keyboard playing with thoughtful vocals.

“My music is either about my life and my philosophy or its just completely silly,” he said. “In fact, more and more of my numbers are silly. People dig it, and it makes me laugh.”

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Kamperschroer’s trademark song is called “Have you ever seen a cloud?”

The song is about all things you can do through the Internet without ever having to leave your home.

“Scroll and click,” he sings. “All while eating lunch and never leaving the office. Indeed mind boggling, but have you ever seen a cloud?”

For now, Utterberg just plays along.

“I’ve been locked up for awhile in my basement, playing music by myself,” Kamperschroer said. “Chris is pulling me out of there. It’s time to get out.”

Both men have been playing music their whole lives — childhood music lessons, high school band and degrees in music.

Kamperschroer is a drummer but was turned into a keyboard player by apartment living and close neighbors. Painter and a Pizza Man is the first band in which Kamperschroer has played the keyboards and not the drums.

Still, he plays the keys like a drummer keeping a rhythm.

Utterberg and Kamperschroer played together in another band called “Us.”

“Ever hear of that?” Kamperschroer said. “We didn’t have too many gigs.” They played together in 2002, most memorably at Mocha Molly’s. “We rocked Mocha’s.”

“Us” soon fell apart, but Painter and a Pizza Guy are confident with their new formula — a keyboard, vocals and guitar.

“We can always pick up a bass and drums,” Kamperschroer said. “But we won’t have to rely on them.”

For next Wednesday’s gig, Painter and a Pizza Man have a new original song about their venue Chelsea’s. The song explores such things as the food’s yumminess.

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