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A new Christmas tradition

Brent Rowan, Regi Stone add another chapter to Christmas book

Allison Plean

— Brent Rowan knew he wanted to be a guitarist in second grade.

“When we were doing potato art – where you slice a potato in half and carve a design and stamp it on construction paper – my teacher asked me what mine was,” Rowan said. “I told her it was a guitar and what I wanted to be when I grow up is a guitar player.”

In the past 25 years of Rowan’s career as a guitarist, he has worked more than 12,000 recording sessions representing more than 150 million records sold. And he will be coming to The Steamboat Grand Resort Hotel on Dec. 22 to perform a live acoustic Christmas concert with his best friend, singer and keyboardist Regi Stone.

“We connected musically a couple years ago and made a couple records,” Rowan said. “Our acoustic Christmas concert will include Christmas songs and original songs to try to relate to people, connect with people and share the love of music with everybody.”

Rowan, who worked primarily as a studio guitar player, was never in the spotlight until he started composing his own music when his wife was pregnant with their first son.

“I started writing a vignette and pieces to play for him in the womb because I wanted him to connect with what I was about,” he said. “I wanted to leave my children a musical legacy.”

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Rowan was raised in a very strict family where he was only allowed to listen to gospel music and some country music. His family also moved around a lot, so he became very attached to his guitar and developed a deep appreciation of music.

“The guitar became a friend in any situation wherever we moved,” he said. “I do know that there are very few people who have ever lived that love music any more than I do and that shows even in my boys. I wouldn’t say I cast a spell over them but I love the music and it’s infectious.”

Rowan’s goal for this concert is to make it part of a new Christmas tradition for residents. He spends three or four months a year in Steamboat and considers it home.

“I will present the show with variables from year to year that will connect to everybody and give then an added dimension and chapter to their Christmas book,” Rowan said. “I am extremely honored to be part of this community because even though I lived in Nashville for 27 years, Steamboat is absolutely where I call home.”