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A holistic view

Fair teaches lessons in health, alternative medicine

Dana Strongin

— Dan Smith was a bit of a cynic about alternative medicine, but the Yampa Valley Holistic Fair changed his mind Sunday.

The fair, in its second year, was organized by a committee of five people interested in alternative medicine, organic products and the healing arts.

Smith attended the fair with his Steamboat Springs housemate, Lacy Gribbon. Smith watched as a woman tested Gribbon’s arm strength after placing vials on her stomach.

The test showed that Gribbon has an aversion to milk and processed sugar — two food products she’s had difficulty with before.

“The test told me something I knew, and that opened my eyes,” Gribbon said.

Smith said the results made him think he should learn more about alternative medicine and fitness.

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“I definitely want to look into it,” he said. “These things do affect people.”

John and Amie Baughman, who were visiting Steamboat Springs from Fort Collins, also learned something at the fair: They both have problem nerve areas in their neck and shoulder areas.

They allowed Dr. Michele McAv–oy, a Hayden chiropractor, to run a handheld scanner up their necks. A laptop showed the data.

When John’s res–ults came, people gasped.

“Oh my gosh,” Amie said.

There were several red, or severe, zones along John’s neck.

McAvoy said John may not have symptoms yet, but he probably would in the future. Nerves help the body function, she said, and when they aren’t working right, other health issues will arise.

“You don’t want to be 50, 55 years old and on medication because you sat on this for 20 or 30 years,” McAvoy told John. She recommended he get his back and neck adjusted by a chiropractor.

People wove in and out of the tables at the fair as a man played guitar in the background. Children and their mothers looked at jewelry, sampled organic beauty products and tried exercise equipment.

The fair is meant to help bridge the gap between West–ern medicine and alternative medicine, organizer Heat–her Howell-Durand said.

“We want to be able to complement one another,” she said.

The number of practitioners and vendors at the fair about doubled from its first year, she said. She wasn’t sure how many people visited the fair, but she was happy with the crowd she saw.

“It’s been abuzz since we opened the door. I’m happy and pleased to see that we’re getting a lot of support from the community.”

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